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On an annual basis, the sales of the Electric Two Wheeler segment in FY2022 registered a growth of 75% as compared to sales in FY2021.

Hero Electric, Okinawa Autotech, and Ampere Vehicles were the top 3 E2W players in FY 2022, accounting for ~60% market share in registered vehicle category sales. (Reports- JMK Research) 

Electric Two-Wheeler sales data for June 2022

Okinawa Autotech has retained the title of top Electric 2W selling company in India with 6,976 electric scooters sold in the month of June 2022, and Ampere Vehicles Pvt Ltd has become the 2nd Best Selling Electric Two-Wheeler Company in India with 6,534 Electric Scooters sold in the month of June.

And Hero Electric comes third and has sold 6,486 electric scooters, Ola Electric has sold 5,869 and Ather Energy is ranked fifth with sales of 3,797 (1090% YoY growth over June 2021).

A total of 42,172 Electric Two Wheelers were Sold in the month of June (935% YoY growth over June 2021).

E2W Manufacturer June 2022   YOY Growth % (vs June 2021)
Okinawa Autotech Pvt ltd  6,976 627%
Ampere Vehicle Pvt Ltd  6,534 2338%
Hero Electric Pvt Ltd.  6,486 441%
Ola Electric  5,869
Ather Energy  3,797 1090%
Revolt Intellicorp Pvt ltd  1,429 4000%
TVS Motors Compnay ltd  1,936 831%
Bajaj Auto Ltd  1,781 912%
Pure Energy Pvt Ltd 1,125 145%
Bening Indian Energy and technology  954 448%
Okaya EV Pvt Ltd  761
Twenty Two Motors Pvt Ltd  751
Jitendra New EV-Tech Pvt Ltd  548 1174%
Total Sales 42,172 935%


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