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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electric-scooters-in-india-from-a-price-range-of-rs-50k-1-lakhs/Here is the list of Electric Scooters in India from a Price Range of Rs. 50k-1 Lakhs. Following are the electric scooter in India with their price, Top speed and highlights.

Electric Scooters in India from a Price Range of Rs. 50k-1 Lakhs

ModelVariantsTop SpeedPrice
Hero Electric Dash25 KmphRs. 66000
Hero Optima HS500 ER45 KmphRs. 68000
Hero Electric NYXLI25-42 KmphRs. 61000
LI ER25-42 KmphRs. 70000
HS500 ER25-42 KmphRs. 80000
PURE EV Epluto60 KmphRs. 72000
Hero Electric Photon 72 LI45 KmphRs. 62000
LP45 KmphRs. 73000
Revolt RV30025-65 KmphRs. 100000
Bajaj Chetak Urbane70 KmphRs. 100000

Hero Electric Dashhttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/electric-scooters-in-india-from-a-price-range-of-rs-50k-1-lakhs/

Hero Electric Dash Price 

Hero Electric DashRs. 66000


  • Riding Range 60 Km
  • Top Speed 25 Kmph
  • Battery charging time 4-5 Hrs

Hero Electric Dash Specifications

The Dash is propelled by a 250W BLDC motor that is powered by a 48v 28 Ah Li-Ion battery. The battery has a range of 60 kilometres and a recharge period of four hours. The scooter weighs 77 kilogrammes dry and has a top speed of 25 kilometres per hour.

The electric scooter is equipped with telescopic forks in the front and twin shock absorbers in the back. Drum brakes are used at both ends to provide braking. The Dash is equipped with tubeless tyres on 13-inch magnesium alloy wheels.

Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER


Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER Price

Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER Rs. 68000


  • Riding Range 110 Km
  • Top Speed 45 Kmph
  • Battery charging time 4-5 Hrs

Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER Specficification 

 The Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER can travel up to 110 kilometres on a single charge, with a top speed of 45 kilometres per hour and a recharge period of 4-5 hours. It has a 48V 56AH Lithium-Ion battery, drum brakes, and a motor with a power of 500-1200W.

Hero Electric NYX

Hero Electric NYXHero Electric NYX Price Range 

Hero Electric NYX LIRs. 61000
Hero Electric NYX LI ERRs. 70000
Hero Electric NYX HS500 ERRs. 80000


Riding Range55 Km     100 Km100 Km
Top Speed  25-42 Kmph25-42 Kmph25-42 Kmph
Battery charging time4-5 Hrs4-5 Hrs4-5 Hrs

Hero Electric NYX Specifications

The Hero Electric NYX has an electric motor with a power range of 600 to 1300 W, a range of 100 km per charge, and a kerb weight of 87 kg. It comes in three different versions: LI, LI ER, and HS500 ER.

The range of the LI electric scooter in India is 55 kilometres, the LI ER is 100 kilometres, and the HS500ER is 100 kilometres, with a top speed of 42 kilometres per hour and a charging time of 4-5 hours.

PURE EV Epluto


PURE EV Epluto Price in India

PURE EV EplutoRs. 72000



  • Riding Range 90-120 Km
  • Top Speed 60 Kmph
  • Battery charging time 4 Hrs

PURE EV Epluto Specfications 

The PURE EPluto 7G is India’s premium electric two-wheeler, designed to provide you with the most pleasant ride of any electric scooter! You have complete control over the ride experience, whether it’s everyday errands in traffic or long thrill journeys, thanks to its multi-speed smart design.

It has a price range of Rs.72000 and can go from 0 to 40 km/h in just 5 seconds. It also has a 12-degree grade ability, a top speed of 65 km/h, and a range of 120 km.

Hero Electric Photon

Hero Electric Photon

Hero Electric Photon Price Range 

Hero Electric Photon 72 LIRs. 62000
Hero Electric Photon LPRs. 73000



  • Riding Range 110 Km
  • Top Speed 45 Kmph
  • Battery charging time 5-6 Hrs

Hero Electric Photon Specifications

The Hero Electric Photon is an electric scooter that costs between Rs. 61,866 and Rs. 72,990 in India. It comes in two variations and three colours. Photon can travel 110 kilometres on a single charge. Drum brakes are used in the front and rear of the Hero Electric Photon. It has a top speed of 45kmph and a charge period of 5-6 hours.

Revolt RV300


Revolt RV300 Electric Scooter Price 

Revolt RV300Rs. 100000


  • Riding Range 80-180 Km
  • Top Speed 25-65 Kmph
  • Battery charging time 4-5 Hrs

Revolt RV300 Specifications

A 1.5KW hub-mounted motor pulls power from a 60V/2.7 kWh lithium-ion battery to power the RV 300. The battery takes 3 hours to charge to 75% capacity and 4.2 hours to fully charge. The RV 300 has three riding modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport, according to Revolt.

Note: Revolt is no more manufacturing Revolt RV 300, the company plans to launch a new electric Bike to replace the Revolt RV300. 

Following are the three modes of Revolt RV300 

  • ECO
  • Normal 
  • Sport 

The top speed and range of the motorcycle vary depending on the mode in which it is operated. A computerised instrument cluster and full-LED illumination are standard on the RV300. It also comes with an app that can be used with the motorcycle to provide capabilities like geofencing and battery low alerts, among other things

Bajaj Chetak Urbane


Bajaj Chetak Urbane Electric Scooter Price 

Bajaj Chetak UrbaneRs. 100000



  • Riding Range 85-95 Km
  • Top Speed 70Kmph
  • Battery charging time 5 Hrs

Bajaj Chetak Urbane Specifications 

The Bajaj Chetak’s powertrain consists of an electric motor that is powered by a 3kWh lithium-ion battery with an IP67 rating. Its motor has a peak power rating of 4kW and a continuous power rating of 3.8kW, with a peak torque of 16Nm.

The powertrain has two driving modes: Sport and Eco, which have a range of 95 and 85 kilometres, respectively. Bajaj estimates that the battery would endure for 70,000 kilometres before it needs to be replaced.

In Addition, Bajaj has included numerous new features in the e-scooter, including a reverse assist mode, regenerative braking, and an inbuilt Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) that seamlessly controls charge and discharge.

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