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Electric Bike Conversion Kits

A conversion kit allows you to install a battery, a motor, sensors, electric control, and a drive unit on your traditional bicycle. It enables you to enjoy the advantages of an E-bike while riding your regular bike. However, using a conversion kit does not exempt you from pedaling as you need to pedal to start the motor. 

An electric bike conversion kit has numerous components that can upgrade the quality of your ride. Although you need to pedal in your converted bike, a conversion kit provides you with extra power while pedaling. So, you will not feel stressed and fatigued from pedaling. You can easily ride on uneven terrain and slope without putting on much effort.

Are Electric Bike Conversion Kits Worth It?


If you are wondering whether you should buy an E-bike conversion kit, then do not think about it anymore. An electric bike conversion kit is totally worth buying. It is cheaper than a new E-bike. It upgrades the quality of your regular bicycle and enables you to experience a tireless journey.   

Benefits of Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

A wide range of advantages of an E-bike has made it equally appealing to both the users and non-users of bicycles. The only disadvantage of an E-bike is its expensive price.

For this reason, many people prefer to buy an Electric bike conversion kit and turn their traditional bike into an Electric bike. By using a conversion kit, you can also get the following benefits.

Keep Your Original Bike

If you have recently bought a traditional bicycle or have some amazing memories with your existing bike, you might not want to sell it. However, you also want to get an E-bike as you are deeply fascinated by its charm. In this circumstance, an E-bike conversion kit will come in handy.

With this kit, you will be able to turn your traditional bike into the latest electronic bike. You will enjoy the same benefits from your converted bike as a new bike.  


While the cost of an e-bike ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000, the price of a conventional bike starts from Rs 7,500. Also, the cost of an e-bike conversion kit is a bit less expensive, considering the difference between the prices of these two types of bikes and the low cost of conversion kits, it seems more reasonable to buy a conversion kit to convert a bike into an electric bike than to buy a new e-bike.

Customizable E-Bike

This kit permits you to make your bike the way you want. For instance, you can install a powerful motor as well as a higher-capacity battery on your bicycle. Moreover, it lets you modify the components according to your need without changing the bike or the whole kit. 

Same Benefits As Regular Bikes

Some people are prejudiced against E-bikes and say converting a traditional bike into an E-bike is a wrong decision as it would not offer the same benefits as a normal bicycle.

Contrary to the belief of these people, riding on an E-bike can effectively reduce blood pressure, lose fat, strengthen bones, and lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases. 

Easy Transformation

The bike transformation process is easy. You do not need any engineering knowledge or installation experience to transform your bike.

The manufacturers built this kit in such a way that you do not need any professional knowledge or help to install it. Besides, they will provide you with the installation steps in an instruction guide.

You can also remove the kit whenever you want and restore your bike to its original condition.

Different Types of Electric Bike Conversion Kits


When you go to buy an E-bike conversion kit, you will find the markets are loaded with different types of kits. Among these kits, we have shared with you the three primary types of E-bike conversion kits.   

1. Front-wheel E-Bike Conversion Kits

Through the use of this conversion kit, you will be able to get a motorized wheel, speed sensors, and controls. Once you connect these components to a battery, your bicycle’s front wheel will get power and can go forward.   

2. Rear-Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kits

The rear-wheel E-bike and front-wheel E-bike conversion kits are quite alike except for the difference that the rear-wheel E-bike conversion kits use the rear wheel. After using this kit, you will find it easier to ride on tough terrain than before. That means this kit will provide the rear wheel with power. The only downside of the rear wheel E-bike conversion kit is that it makes the back part of a bicycle heavy. 

3. Mid-Drive E-Bike Conversion Kits

The mid-drive E-bike conversion kits are not similar to the front and rear E-bike conversion kits. In this kit, you need to place a motor in the middle of your bike. When the chain is connected to the motor, the wheels will get more power. Consequently, you will not feel the heavy weight of the front and rear parts of your bike that is caused by the front and rear wheel conversion kits. 

How To Install An Electric Bike Conversion Kits

  • Replace the old wheel with a new electric wheel just as you change the inner tube of your bicycle.
  • Now remove the old brake handles and install the new handles that you got with your conversion kit. 
  • Place the meter and the throttle on the brake handles and secure the screws by tightening them. Attach the speed sensor with the wheel spoke.
  • Open the crank arm and set up the pedal sensor. You can add a washer to fasten it. Use a wrench and reinstall the crank arm. 
  • Install the battery mounting plate on your bicycle and put the battery on it. Now follow the color codes and connect the wires. 
  • Once you install everything, recheck again whether all the parts work properly or not.  


Regardless of the advantages and the stylistic appearance, many people avoid buying E-bikes because of their high price range. So, we recommend using conversion kits to turn regular bikes into E-bikes. The price of conversion kits is affordable and they are easy to use.

Furthermore, you will get the same healthful benefits as a regular bike while indulging in the privileges of an E-bike.

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