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Electric Bike Conversion kits

Electric vehicles are becoming the top picks of every rider today. Everyone wants to buy an electric bike, but due to its high cost, not everyone can buy them.

To solve this problem, Electric Bike conversion kits come into the picture. With the help of EV conversion kits, anyone can convert their existing two-wheeler into an e-bike. This is not only a pocket-friendly option for the riders but these convertible kits are also helping the nation save money in manufacturing new vehicles.

Now, people can easily convert their favorite bike into an all-electric bike and can experience better and more eco-friendly riding. 

With the help of EV conversion kits, you can also get a hybrid experience of both electric and traditional vehicles. Also, while converting your bike only a few parts get replaced such as the controller, motor, throttle, charger, and battery. The rest part remains the same and are easily available locally. 

Are Worth Buying in India?

Considering the price of a new e-bike, these Conversion kits are worth the money they come in. For anyone who is looking to convert their existing bike into a better quality and environmentally friendly bike, these conversion kits are good picks.

With the help of simple tools, these Electric conversion kits can be easily installed. Sometimes new e-bikes also require some assembly. Although maximum two-wheeler conversion kits work flawlessly, if the kit is not compatible with your existing bike, then it may cause some issues. 

Conversion kits can also be purchased and installed at any bike shop. So, if anyone wants to get it installed without any hassle, then you can take your bike to a bike store. It is better to even buy conversion kits directly from these shops if you have any doubts about compatibility. This will save your time as well as energy in trying to do everything all by yourself. 


  1. A lot of money, effort and time can be saved just by converting an existing bike into an e-bike. Your favorite bike can be converted into an e-bike which will be more efficient, effective, and eco-friendly. 
  2. Converting a bike into an e-bike is easy and quick. It is much less expensive than buying a new electric motorcycle. 
  3. Some conversion kits are so easy to install that they do not require any expertise to convert your bike into an electric bike. They come with a guiding manual that helps you with the assembling process. 
  4. The kits generally include all the required components such as easy to install controller, battery, and wiring. 
  5. By using a conversion kit into a bicycle, the speed, range, and effectiveness of the cycle increases. 
  6. The converted electric scooter will emit zero carbon, is eco-friendly

Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Price 

Choosing the best Electric Two-Wheeler conversion kit for you is a tedious task as there are many options available. So below we have discussed the best Electric Bike conversion kits that are present in the market today. 

 Electric Bike Conversion Kit Companies in India

GoGoA1 www.gogoa1.com Navi Mumbai
Loop moto www.loopmoto.com Gurugram 
Motor Kit www.motorkit.in Ahmedabad
EV retron energies www.retronev.in Hyderabad
Geekaybikes Www.geekaybikes.com Punjab

1. GoGoA1 17-inch 2000W HUB motor

Originating from India, GoGoA1.com excels in providing top-notch OEM/ODM and electric as well as solar-powered vehicles and their components. Currently, the company is focusing on manufacturing convertible kits for existing 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, and 4-wheeled vehicles. The company is producing hybrid and full conversion kits for all these segments of vehicles. 

GoGoA1 17-inch 2000W HUB motor is one of the most budget-friendly and best convertible kits present in India. It has a maximum torque of 60Nm and a load capacity of 100 kg to 300kg. 

This kit includes a disc brake, charger, battery, converter, throttle, regenerative regulator, and gear motor.

This conversion bike kit is also approved by the RTO of India. 

Price With Battery- 37,700.00 – 44,486 in India


  • Rated Power – 2000W
  • Max efficiency approx. – 92%
  • Max. torque – 60Nm4
  • Load capacity – 100 kg-300kg
  • Colour – Black (as default)

2. BAFANG 1000W BBSHD MID Drive E-Bike Motor Kit With BATTERY

Bafang Mid Drive motor E-bike Conversion Kit – Bafang BBSHD BBS03 52V 1000 W

Image- Bafang Mid Drive motor E-bike Conversion Kit – Bafang BBSHD BBS03 52V 1000 W

This kit is compatible with road bikes, mountain bike fat bikes, and so on. Bafang Mid-drive motor E-bike is designed to fit a JIS standard 68-73mm, 100mm, 120mm bottom bracelet. 

This kit comes with all the necessary accessories such as a mid-drive motor BBSHD 1000W, brake lever or brake sensors for hydraulic brakes, thumb throttle, Chainring wheel, crank, LCD display, speed sensor, magnets 1T4 wire, nuts, and an optional battery. 

The kit can be easily installed with the help of the installation video that is provided along with it. It comes with three types of riding models which are E-bike & pedal-assisted bicycle, pedaling a bicycle, and pure power bicycle. You can enjoy your E-bike for both long travel and exercise. 

Bafang Mid-drive motor E-bike Conversion Kit is present all over the US, EU, CA, AU, and Russia warehouses. It can be ordered from other parts of the world from online platforms such as amazon.

Price– Starting Rs. 75,000 in India


  • Rated Power – 1000 W
  • Display – Colour display C961
  • Material Type – Aluminium
  • Motor – 52V
  • Shark Battery – 48V 12Ah /48V 17.5Ah /48V 18AH /48V 20AH /52V 14Ah
  • Rear Battery – 48V 17.5Ah

3. Eridelite 20 Inch & 26 Inch Electric Bike Conversion Kit

This Ebike conversion kit easily fits most bicycles without any kind of modification. No expertise in electronics is needed to assemble this conversion kit. 

This conversion kit comes with a motor assembled rim, battery pack assembly including controller, throttle, fixing bracket, and charger. This kit also includes two sizes of wheels, 24” and 26”.    

A lithium-ion battery pack that has a battery charging time of 4-5 hours and can be ridden up to 35-40 km. 


  • Battery – 36V/10 amp, 1000 cycle battery life 
  • Speed rating – 25Kmph
  • Wheel size – 24” &26”
  • Component’s warranty – 6 months

4. Geekay 26” wheel double-wall alloy rim normal single speed cycle full kit 36 v 7.5 Ah soft pack battery 2 Amp charger with 12 Magnet Pedal assist 36V 250W

This conversion kit can be used only on non-geared cycles and 26” MTB double-wall alloy cycle wheels. 

It contains a 36V 7.5Ah soft battery pack with a 2-amp charger, 12 magnet PEDAL assist, 36V 250-Watt BLDC electric bicycle hub conversion motor kit.

One can ride at a speed of 20-25 kmph when carrying 100 kg of weight. 


  • Wheel size – 26”
  • Speed rating – single speed
  • Charger – 2 Amp
  • Waterproof – Yes

Now you can buy Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits From here


  1. I have an HONDA ACTIVA 125 BA 4 & I am interested to convert to hybrid petrol & EV bike is there any options I can think of please help with price && other information at the earliest.

    Kketan Patel

  2. I have a Bajaj Platina and wish to convert it to an electric motorcycle. I was informed that at present you are carrying out conversion of only certain motorcycles and not yet started conversion of Bajaj Platina. I want it converted legally with new Registration Certificate and Insurance and Green coloured Registration Number Plate. Please let me know when you will start this.

  3. I have honda unicorn and yamaha r razor scooter
    I want covert electric both of my two wheelers
    Pls assist with affordable with gud mileage

  4. મારી પાસે હોન્ડા dizzelr બાઈક છે તેને ઇલેક્ટ્રિક કરવી છે માટે તમામ માહિતી અને કિંમત જણાવો

  5. In the last 2 years to be precise suddenly many companies mushroomed for two wheeler Evs
    This is because of the wrong government policy of incentivisation which is very opaque.
    When they say incentives who is getting the incentive the buyer or the new companies which sprouted overnight. If one calculates the cost of production of the EV scooters they should be much below than the normal petrol two wheelers. But what we see today is these EV scooters are much more than the new petrol scooters albeit the fact they remain much to be desired on quality and safety counts. There fore it has to be concluded that many EV scooters came into being only because of the wind fall profits. Coming to conversion kits the Government should allow freely the existing bikes conversion on large scale because of two reasons. The first being all these old petrol bikes have been approved by concerned agencies like AARAI and RTOs for their stability and safelty. Replacing the gasoline engine with Electric motor that too on hub is in no way compramising the safety of vehicle , it’s driver or other road users.
    Next if due to some reason the availability of crude oil is suddenly hit due to geo political reason will the country scrap all the two wheelers whose population is in crores all over the country.
    Even phased scrapping of the two wheelers is an environmental problem. Reproducing new chassis frames and other accessories for the new electric two wheelers is adding carbon foot print of enormous proportion. Instead if converting existing two wheelers allowed on mass scale it will create mass employment all over the country. Conversion kit makers should Unitedly take up this issue in parliament. .


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