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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/ebikego-to-launch-velocipedo-cargo-ev-with-200km-of-range/eBikeGo is all set to launch its first Three wheels electric cargo vehicle in the Indian EV market soon. The company is planning to enter the luxury electric three-wheeler industry and aims to manufacture these scooters. the Electric Velocipedo provides the benefits of an electric scooter in a much safer and easier way.

In November 2021, eBikeGo has acquired the rights to manufacture the smart electric trike ‘Velocipedo’ from leading Spanish automotive company Torrot in India. This acquisition has been done to address a niche in the Indian Electric Vehicle segment.

This Electric Cargo Vehicle (named Velocipedo) is a smart electric trike that looks like a tadpole tricycle. It is equipped with two front wheels and one rear wheel. The Velocipedo has a carbon-fiber roof that serves as a roll cage for its two occupants.


the Electric Velocipedo will be produced in three basic models: a personal vehicle, a trick taxi, and a cargo vehicle, in Pune (India).

On March 20, Company’s CEO and Founder shared a video on LinkedIn saying, “Introducing the eBikeGo® Velocipedo Cargo, the most anticipated trike in the world. #eBikeGo #environment #ev #electricvehicle”

Ebikego Velocipedo Electric Cargo Vehicle Specs

Top Speed 95 Kmph
Range200 kilometers
Charging Time 1.5 hours (on 220V outlet)
curb weight 180 kg

This electric vehicle has a top speed of 95 kmph, a range of 200 km per charge, and a curb weight of 180 kg.

It takes 1.5 hours (at a 220V outlet) to fully charge the Velocipedo and a regenerative braking feature can add 10-20% to the range. The 155 kg Velocipedo-C, which is intended for commercial use, has room for the driver only and has enough space to accommodate 70 kg of cargo.


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