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According to a recent report published by NITI Aayog, India has 7.7 Million gig economy workers today, and this number will grow to 23.5 Million by 2030; making the segment the next large-scale employment generator in the country. Gig-workers are empowered by two-wheelers because they are easy to maintain, faster, and don’t require a lot of space to move through traffic. But owing to the growing petrol prices the industry is struggling and is looking for a  solution to the problem which has led to higher attrition rates amongst the gig workers. 

E-commerce and food/grocery delivery companies want to aggressively adopt electric two-wheelers in their fleets but are not able to make the transition due to the lack of purpose-built vehicles to substitute the currently used personal mobility e2Wheelers. Using vehicles originally designed and engineered for personal mobility affects the efficiency and experience of gig workers, owing to a large amount of downtime and maintenance issues. This in turn affects their earnings.

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Identifying the challenge of e-2W design only being restricted to personal mobility, Rajit and Navneeth co-founded Dispatch to address this challenge and built a Scooter that provides gig-workers all the tools they need in a vehicle that lets them choose a configuration as per their need. 

Dispatch is set to launch the World’s first purpose-built electric Scooter by 2023

It is a common phenomenon that gig-workers tend to don multiple roles, one of the delivery executives that ferries food and grocery orders and one a bike-taxi rider that is committed to ferrying passengers timely and safely. Understanding this plight,  the team at Dispatch worked on building a solution that is modular and designed to meet the needs of the ever-versatile gig workers. This idea to make a gig economy-friendly scooter led to the inception of Dispatch.

Dispatch was founded in the year 2020 with the vision to create futuristic solutions to support the last-mile mobility segment. Dispatch’s products are specifically designed to suit the needs of shared & commercial mobility and can also serve the purpose of personal mobility needs with their sturdy and ergonomic design. The company has secured a Tier-1 supply chain for all critical components and has been testing for reliability and validation for almost a year now. https://e-vehicleinfo.com/dispatch-is-changing-the-fleet-dynamic-of-last-mile-delivery/

The company is backed by a team of EV enthusiasts. Rajit Arya, the CEO, and Co-founder has over a decade of experience and built his first e-scooter in 2009, and has also worked in the solar energy, aeroponics, and infrastructure industries for over 11 years. He believes that sustainable solutions should not just benefit the environment but should also be more cost-effective.

The product strategy, engineering, and design of Dispatch’s products are led by Navneeth Kannan, Co-founder, and CPO. He is also a recipient of the prestigious BMW Young Designer Award in 2017. 

Dispatch has filed various IP registrations globally which have been granted in 32+ countries. It is leveraging the experience of its team and their understanding of the ecosystem to build not just a vehicle but a solution to the prevalent problem. 


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