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  • The development of electric vehicles infrastructure is continuing in Moscow within the framework of the Moscow Energy project

Elizaveta Buchka, an International communications coordinator (The Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development) Spoke to us:  Within the framework of the Moscow Energy project, we continue to develop the infrastructure for electric vehicles: 80 new-format electric charging stations are already operating in Moscow, several dozen more are being connected.

We are installing new chargers with European and American type connectors. Users can recharge their electric cars at a slow or fast-charging station for free. The power of slow charging is up to 22 kW, fast – up to 60 kW. 

We make the transition to electric transport convenient. Since 2019, we have been implementing the Moscow Energy project and developing a network of charging stations throughout the city. We are actively creating electric transport hubs and developing a network of fast-charging stations. It is very easy to recharge an electric car – users need to download the Moscow Transport application. To avoid standing in line, users can book a session in advance. 

In Moscow, electric cars owners do not pay the transport tax, parking in city street parking lots is free for them. Special places for recharging electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrids are equipped next to each electric charging station for the convenience of users

The demand for electric cars is growing every year. According to Autostat, 852 used electric cars were purchased in Russia in February 2022: it is 2.1 times more than a year ago.

«The Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin instructed to stimulate the introduction of eco-friendly transport that does not pollute the environment and does not harm the health of citizens.

Therefore, we have started to cooperate with Russian manufacturers of electric vehicles, and also continue to develop the charging infrastructure – we equip special hubs with fast and slow charging for electric vehicles, install charging stations for electric buses», — said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport


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