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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/dandera-electric-otua-three-wheeler/Inda’s new three-wheeler EV startup, founded in 2018, launched its new stylish and powerful design, named Otua, in the most required three-wheeler segment, which will increase the tough competition level in the three-wheeler EV segment in India.

Dandera Electric Otua Three-Wheeler

The “DANDERA” term has been derived from Egyptian hieroglyphics of an electric bulb, defining the pinnacle of technology in that era. Similarly, the logo was inspired by “EYES OF HORUS.” which signifies a locket of protection and safety for the rider and things loaded on it.

Dandera’s main focus is on quality and technology with sustainable alternatives and the vision of developing world-class mobility products from ground zero. Kshitij Bajaj (FOUNDER & CEO), Kanav Manchanda, and Sarth Jain are the people behind these future possible EV gains. All of them have years of expertise in the automobile business and operations.

Dandera OTUA Price


OTUA variants are to be priced between  ₹3,50,000 – ₹5,50,000  and will also be available on a subscription basis. The vehicle is targeted for use by logistics and last-mile delivery companies and will soon be available for retail purchase by individual drivers or owners in select markets across India.

Today’s launch of OTUA marks a significant milestone for India’s logistics and last-mile delivery industry as it prepares for the transition to sustainable mobility. OTUA has been designed completely from the ground up as an electric vehicle and is a 100% indigenous product, with all parts and components, including the batteries designed and manufactured in India. Dandera Ventures’ R&D division has designed and engineered OTUA’s battery and drivetrain with the single goal of surpassing both end-customer expectations as well as current industry standards.

Key OTUA features


  • First cargo EV to be designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle
  • Industry’s highest range of 165km on a single charge, further expandable to over 300km
  • Industry’s largest carrying volume of 183, CC 
  • Industry’s highest load carrying capacity of 900 KGs
  • Best-in-class road visibility for drivers
  • Unique aerodynamic design that reduces the ‘air drag coefficient by 25% over comparable vehicles
  • India’s roomiest, and ‘air-conditioning’ compatible driver cabin 
  • Connected EV – comes with its own Driver and Fleet management app

when compared to currently available cargo three-wheelers in the L5 segment

Kshitij Bajaj, Founder, and CEO of Dandera Ventures said, “OTUA raises the bar for everything that last mile delivery drivers and fleet owners have come to expect from a cargo EV. From world-class and industry-leading driver ergonomics and safety to outright performance in terms of range, volume, and capacity; OTUA is the first cargo EV to offer an uncompromising vision of transitioning to sustainable mobility for the global logistics and last-mile delivery industry.”

The Indian last-mile delivery and logistics industry is witnessing exponential growth and is set to grow to a $5 billion market over the next couple of years. The industry is consciously moving towards electric vehicles and other sustainable mobility solutions as part of its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Kanav Manchanda, Founder, and COO of Dandera Ventures said, “Dandera is committed to not just support, but also fast-track the logistics industry’s transition to sustainable mobility with its industry-leading portfolio of commercial EVs. Both OTUA, and Dandera, have been developed to set new standards in the EV industry. Where the OTUA is primed to be India’s most sophisticated EV, its rollout is also planned in a manner that enables efficient adaptability. The future is ours for the taking.”

Dandera Ventures is a portfolio company of Xponents Venture Studio and has raised capital from Xponents and its partners. Sarth Jain, Founder of Xponents said, “The launch of OTUA marks a major step in Dandera’s journey to develop a complete ecosystem for the transition of last-mile delivery logistics to electric vehicles, serving the needs for both B2B and B2C logistics. OTUA’s launch has the potential to fundamentally change the way intracity and in-city distribution is executed, and the impact it has on our environment. The team at Dandera will continue to work on design innovation and developing newer technologies for more efficient and widely usable EVs.”

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