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The new electric car concept revolves around the idea that- enough is enough. Even though cars have now taken the path of becoming electric but this is not enough. Concerns about increased autonomy lead to more screens leading to increased battery life, which again leads to an increase in vehicle prices.

What is Oli EV?


Oli is a new car concept that Citreon describes as a multipurpose vehicle. Their secret is the weight, the less the car weighs the less it consumes. Therefore it is more affordable.

From its elevated stance to its confident SUV styling, the new Citroën C3 has something for every generation. We hope the new owners enjoy their new ride and we wish them many comfortable journeys — Citroën India (CitroenIndia)

Key features of this concept car


  1. This new concept car is made up of recycled materials. It comes with reduced weightage.
  2. According to Citroen, Oli weighs 1,000 kg and can travel up to 400 kilometers on a single charge. For optimal effectiveness, it has a maximal speed of 110 km/h. Its battery charges from 23% to 80% in about 23 minutes.
  3. Oli sports unusual steel/aluminum hybrid wheels with Goodyear Eagle CEO concept tires that are “environmental and clever.” On the other hand, its interiors are roomy and equipped with a “Smartband” HMI projector and a “bring your own device” entertainment system.

Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée told Euronews Next; achieving this meant thinking outside the box when it comes to design and materials.

“The windshield is shocking, or surprising, or unexpected because we’re used to great aero dynamism on the vehicles, very long windshields,” he said.



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