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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/certified-electric-vehicle-technician-program/The increasing shift towards EVs will create a massive demand-supply gap of EV technicians available to cater to the problems in electric vehicles.

India’s electric vehicle market is soaring high with 329,190 electric vehicles sold in 2021 which reflects the 168% increase in sales against last year’s sales which stood at 122,607 units.

With the surge in Electric Vehicles on road, the demand for electric vehicle technicians is shooting high in the sky. There are sufficient technicians and mechanics in India who cater to the ICE/ Combustion Vehicles on road, but now it is apparent that people are rapidly shifting towards electric vehicles.

This shift is not only supported by the automobile companies in the EV Industry but also propelled by the Government of India itself.

The Government is supporting the Electric Vehicle Industry in every way possible. Whether we talk about Production Linked Incentives or the purchasing incentives for electric vehicle adoption, the government has been continuously pouring huge amounts of funds into the electric vehicle industry.

The support is not only through the hefty monetary funds, but they are also striving to streamline the electric vehicle market through structured EV-friendly policies.

Gathering all the considerations, the people of India are aware of the promises that have been made in respect to the prices of the electric vehicles that are going to have cost the same when compared with its petrol and diesel variants.

Why Electric Vehicles as mainstream Transportation? 

More and more people are now buying electric vehicles because of various factors such as:

  • Decreasing Prices of EVs: As the Government has indicated that electric vehicle prices will get matched with its petrol or diesel variants therefore, people are now more inclined towards buying electric vehicles.
  • Benefits from Government Subsidies: Additional benefits like purchasing discounts and EV-friendly policies are attracting people to adopt electric vehicles faster. 
  • Network Effect: As people are getting aware that electric vehicles are going to prevail in the market and almost everyone is going to adopt them sooner or later, that will make them adopt them for the additional benefits that will come through the associated network.
  • Performance of the Electric Vehicle: People are getting more aware of the fact that electric vehicles provide the required torque almost instantly as compared to petrol and diesel vehicles.
  • Good for Environment: One of the major factors that the government is supporting EV adoption is because it has zero tailpipe emissions. Along with this, they do not create noise pollution as well because of the silent or noiseless acceleration.
  • Low Running Cost: One of the most looked upon and driving factors of electric vehicles is because of their economical nature in terms of running cost. On average an electric car would cost INR 1.4 per kilometer covered and when compared to its petrol variant, it would cost INR 11 or more per kilometer covered thus making electric vehicles a great economical choice.

Growing Demand for Certified EVs Technician in India?

According to a report from the Tech Force foundation advocacy group, there is a demand-supply gap in respect to automotive technicians. According to this report, 400,000 automotive technicians will be required between 2020 to 2024.

Therefore, considering the CAGR of the electric vehicle market, it represents a crucial time for the technicians to equip themselves with skills relevant to the EV market.

It is high time for all the people who are looking to start their business as a technician, R&D partner, Repair and Maintenance partner, technical support partner, or an EV consultant shall get certified for the same and give their career a much-needed boost to get the most benefits from the surging electric vehicle market.

Best Certified EV Technician Program Online

  • DIY guru brings a certified technician program to support all the existing technicians and the Indian Youth


Addressing this rising demand, DIYguru presents a dedicated avenue for the present and future technicians to get certified through DIYguru and leverage the huge EV market.
The certified technician will get expertise in the following domain:

  • Manufacturing Plant Technician 
  • Operational Support
  • Technical Support
  • Research and Development
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

The workshop is designed and curated in a manner to provide extensive exposure to the repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting of electric vehicles. The electric vehicle technician program is a 5-day program that is available offsite at the DIYguru’s Delhi space. The space is equipped with the latest electric vehicle lab setup that is designed to give hands-on exposure to the students and professionals for making them certified technicians.

The training program is designed by the experts in the Electric Vehicle industry primarily for the students not only to equip themselves with the right set of skills required in the industry but also to instill the entrepreneurship spirit among the students. The workshop will be executed by the professionals and in the presence of our DIYguru experts and within the standard safety measures.

The Hands-on training does not only emphasize hands-on expertise but also focused on allowing the students to work on a live project comprising of L1 or L2 vehicles at the end of the 25Hrs workshops.

Apart from the valuable benefits delivered by DIYguru, there are some added benefits for the trainee which includes the following

  • Free Career Counselling Sessions: Students will get a monthly session on career counseling where our experts will assist and guide them on the right track.
  • Placement Support: Students appearing for the Workshop will get special placement support through our Job Portal of DIYguru


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