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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/cellestial-redefines-the-future-with-indias-first-electric-tractor/Cellestial Redefines the Future of Indian Agriculture with India’s first Electric Tractor 

Cellestial E-Mobility launched “Cellestial Electric Tractor”  India’s first electric tractor to change the way agricultural equipment is made and used. Today, they manufacture state-of-the-art “smart tractors” that are not only considerably more affordable to buy than conventional diesel tractors, but also significantly more economical in terms of operation and maintenance. 

Cellestial E-Mobility believes Green is the Innovation.  Growing population, increasing pollution and subsequent global warming all have ensured the need to switch to green solutions and adopt non-fuel drive as a sustainable approach.

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Vision and Mission- Cellestial

The company truly lives by its Vision and Mission statements by showcasing its drive for a greener planet and how it accelerates its business to new heights.

Vision – Be an e-mobility gamechanger by introducing zero-emission products for a sustainable world.

Mission – To energize key economic sectors and to derive full value for all stakeholders by building avant-garde, eco-friendly machines that reduce the Carbon footprint for a sustainable world.  

India’s first Electric Tractors are out to revolutionize the agricultural sector in several astonishing ways. Its advantages are:

Advantage of Electric Tractor

  • Quiet and pollution-free. Hence, clean and green!
  • 1/10th the cost of running in comparison to a diesel tractor
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Compact, Lightweight, and easy to use.
  • The battery pack is swappable and gives the option of charging with a domestic power connection
  • Instantaneous torque and regenerative braking system to save on battery charge.
  •  The lithium-ion battery pack is manufactured in-house and is backed with more than 18 years of experience. 

Why Should You Buy Electric Tractors?https://e-vehicleinfo.com/cellestial-redefines-the-future-with-indias-first-electric-tractor/ Why Should Electric Tractors be our First Choice?

The Electric tractor is cheaper than diesel and ensures 90% savings on the running cost of a tractor. A diesel tractor running cost is between Rs 250- 300 per hour, whereas that of a Cellestial electric tractor is just Rs 6 per hour. The number of moving parts is reduced drastically to just 20 parts in an electric tractor in comparison to around 200 moving parts in diesel.

Hence ensuring very low maintenance cost. To add to that, the electric motor and assembly ensure very little or no oiling. The Electric tractor will ensure that the farmer can get maximum earnings by reducing his operating costs.

The cost of a diesel tractor of 21HP is between 4- 5 lakhs and the cost of operation is between Rs 200- Rs. 300 per hour. Our Electric tractor is not just priced competitively but will reduce the cost of operation to less than 1/10th.

The Cellestial electric tractor is very competitively priced with the diesel 21HP counterpart. It is equivalent in functions and made more efficient than the diesel counterpart. It can produce instantaneous torque of huge capacity and has been tested with a 2.25-ton load-bearing capacity in comparison to the 1-ton maximum haulage of a 21 HP diesel tractor and has a maximum range of 75 km.

Cellestial Electric Tractor Specificationshttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/cellestial-redefines-the-future-with-indias-first-electric-tractor/

Dimensions (in mm)1500 X 1000 X 1000
Ground Clearance420 mm
Max Power13.5 kW
Max Speed20 Kmph
Max Range75 Kms
Battery Capacity150 Ah
Pulling Capacity)1.2 Tonne
Power Take-Off Output540-900 RPM
Max PowerTurning Radius2.25 Metres
Domestic Charging6 Hours
Fast Charging2 Hours

Latest Updates on Cellestial E-Mobility 

Valued at USD 35 million, Cellestial E-mobility raised USD 5,00,000 in pre-series A fundraise. It’s buoyed by its sustainable, robust business model and growing user response.

Siddhartha Durairajan, Founder and CEO of Cellestial

Siddhartha Durairajan, Founder and CEO of Cellestial Said, “The USP of our electric tractor is that it is the first in its class with affordable pricing, path-breaking battery technology, and torque that is primed to take on the tractor markets, with expansive sales and service dealer network.”

Cellestial Electric Tractor New Color Option

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/cellestial-redefines-the-future-with-indias-first-electric-tractor/ Cellestial Electric Tractor New Color Option | E-tractor https://e-vehicleinfo.com/cellestial-redefines-the-future-with-indias-first-electric-tractor/ Cellestial Electric Tractor New Color Option | E-tractor https://e-vehicleinfo.com/cellestial-redefines-the-future-with-indias-first-electric-tractor/ Cellestial Electric Tractor New Color Option | E-tractor


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