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This article covers all the details of a conversation with the company’s co-founder, Mr. Shivrajsinh Tomar about the “Breeze”- the World’s first adaptive posture smart electric motorcycle and its behind story. 

We at Motion Automotive (Motile Automotive Private limited) aim at exploring possibilities of alignment of nature with technology while developing adaptive and unique Automotive products. 

As a new age of the automobile, it should be different from the conventional mode of transportation, as a new era of electric motorcycles it should be not just a motor and battery fitted into a conventional vehicle, that’s the reason we also do not see any acceptance of Electric vehicles as companies are not building appealing offerings.

We came up with the world’s first adaptive posture smart electric motorcycle- “Breeze”.

It’s an adaptive motorcycle that adapts to you, as a rider, the pain point of people is one need to switch to the different motorcycle for different purposes and use like for performance you need sports, for city ride you need street, for a long ride you need cruiser and for the off-road you need scrambler, which increases their operational & maintenance cost, generate more pollution and as well as the acquisition cost of the vehicles.

But our motorcycle is going to be the face of electric motorcycles- we are here to create a benchmark in the electric motorcycle industry.

Good things take time- we will come up with the best.

Which market is Motion targeting?

In the Motorbike market, high-performance models have become a focal point for urban Millennial and Generation Z adopters. 

Moving beyond the “Kitna deti hai” mindset, we focus on High-performance motorcycles with electric transmission. 

The target market (Millennials/Generation Z); we are going to dominate is a vast community of riders which includes professional riders, young professionals, and college students.

Problems that we identified with riders are:

  • No Adaptation to the user. i.e. no versatility. 
  • Feedback.
  • Inadequate Performance
  • Least Utility
  • Discomfort
  • Discomforting (backbone and muscle problems) 
  • High operating and maintenance costs (spending Rs.400 per week on petrol sums up to Rs.19, 200 a year + maintenance 2 times a year. a Total of Rs.20, 000 on average)
  • The products available are insufficient to meet the wider horizon that electric vehicles offer; one cannot drive the same motorcycle for multiple applications as Sports – Streets – Cruise.
  • Overall User experience degrades.”
  • 200cc-800cc motorcycle emits-  11.25 tones of Co2 on average over Deployed vehicles lifetime 

The Solution is “Breeze”

“Breeze”- World’s first adaptive posture smart electric motorcycle with traits of Nature & Technology.

The “Breeze” is essentially an electric motorcycle that not only reduces emissions but also gives the required performance to the rider as it uses the state of the art technology. 

Adorned with traits like adaptability, elegance, performance, co-operation, feedback, and utility as well.  This would be a first-of-its-kind experience.  This will be a new breeze in the field of private vehicles.

Our USP is the Smart Features

USP-Versatility / Adaptation: We are providing a new way of riding a motorcycle changing the posture of the rider into 4 different modes- streets, sports, cruise, and scrambler as well as changing the performance of the vehicle, and providing feedback for better riding experience according to the application.

USP-Feedback: The vehicle describes its health and guides you to the best experience.

Best in Class Breeze E Motorcycle Specification



https://e-vehicleinfo.com/breeze-worlds-first-adaptive-posture-smart-electric-motorcycle/ https://e-vehicleinfo.com/breeze-worlds-first-adaptive-posture-smart-electric-motorcycle/

Range100, 250, 400 km variants
Motor Capacity 25-40 KW (BLDC MOTOR)
Charging Time 3 Hours (Normal)   1.2 Hours (Fast) 
  • Performance: BLDC MOTOR 25-40 KW
  • Utility:  A space to travel with goods.
  • Range: 100, 250, 400 km variants
  • Fast charging capability: to charge from 0-100% it takes 3 Hours (with a Normal charger) and  1.2 Hours (with a Fast charger) (Onboard charger technology)
  • Accessories: Boost, Headset, and Solar boost
  • With fewer number parts (5 major and a few minor), production becomes efficient.

Climate & Social Impact

Total Cost of ownership: Acquisition cost: 58% reduced, Operational and maintenance cost reduced to 70%. (Up to 15000/- subsidy on buying an electric two-wheeler)

Read More: Electric car Vs Petrol Car- TOC  for 5 Years

  • As 200-800cc motorcycles emit up to 11.25 tonnes of CO2 on average over deployed vehicles lifetime.  
  • Our Motorcycle reduces 60% emissions Up to 6 tonnes of Co2 on average over deployed vehicles’ lifetime. 
  • If we switch to 100% sustainable and renewable it will be a 100% reduction.
  • If we reach our Beachhead Market – 20% in 10 years it will reduce 210,000 tones Co2 emission over the deployed vehicle’s lifetime Employment will increase by 5, 00,000 to 8,50,000 by 2030. 

Another report estimates that about 2 million additional jobs will be created by EVs by 2050.

Motion Automotive Founders:


#1) Anantraj Tomar (founder), Innovator, Entrepreneur

  • (Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, ARAI certification course, Various other Design, and engineering courses.
  • International level Robocon event 2019- robotics competition was a Team Leader.
  • 1-year Founder- Tomar tech- start-up building cleaning robots- it was a failure.
  • 3 Years done many Industrial Projects as well.

#2) Shivrajsinh Tomar (C0-founder), Entrepreneur

  • Pursuing Certification Course from Upgrad Mica University Diploma and B-tech in Electronics & communication Pursued Online course on Startup and Funding from Yourstory Media.
  • 4 years as a business partner and consultant for abroad education and visas.
  • 1-year Co-founder: Tomar tech- start-up building cleaning robots- it was a failure.
  • Digital marketers also tried various other small businesses.

#3) Mayur Ladwa (C0-founder), Machinist & Purchase & Vendor Manager, Mechanical Engineer.

#4) Kartikeya Luhar (C0-founder), Design and development of the project, Mechanical Engineer.

Noteworthy achievements so far:


  • Shark Tank India S1 Funded
  • Top 100 startups in Kuberan House Startup TV Show 2021.
  • CLIMATE LAUNCHPAD 2020 top 30 finalists; -Top 500 startups in SouthEast Asia by Lemon Ideas
  • Featured on startup pill.com for the top 74 EV startups in the world.
  •  Filled many patents for our Adaptive actuators, motors, and many more.
  • We have done test runs for more than 500 prospective customers
  • Got more than 1000 preorders, got more than 50 EOI for dealerships, and are also in talks to export our motorcycle in Bangladesh as well.

What Next for Motion: 

We are right now in the final phase of product development and going to launch our vehicles in three variants in the 2023 first quarter.


  1. I am from regal marine, would like to meet u and team, regarding the ev motorcycle. Deepak Mirchandani 9820364432.

  2. that’s really nice concept for an Electric Bike. Comfort is also required on bikes but very few bikes have the comfort seat feature.


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