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BGauss D15 Electric Scooter 

In June 2022, BGauss launched an electric scooter in the Indian market with a variety of new features- BGauss D15. The electric scooter became popular before its release, and many people pre-booked at that time. This post will offer you a thorough overview of the electric scooter and let you know if it is a good investment for you.

Looks and Design


BGauss D15 has a sleek, typical non-electric type scooter look. Its dashboard offers an extremely wide view, allowing drivers to concentrate solely on the road ahead. The electric scooter weighs 109 kg and has a height of 1200 mm. The design of this electric scooter achieves its goal of promoting electric vehicles without significantly affecting users.



It is available in two different variants. Those two variants are called BGauss D15 i and BGauss D15 pro, although there aren’t many differences between them, their costs are very different from one another.

Color Options 


It is available in 6 color variants, named:-

  • Anthracite quartz
  • Alpine green
  • Matte black and silver
  • Glistening blue
  • Racing red
  • Pearl white



Mileage115 km/charge
Top speed60 km/h
Peak power3100w
BreaksRear and Front – Drum
Peak torque110 NM
Battery3.2 kWh
Warranty3 years


Also, this electric scooter has a PMSM motor type, which is recognized for producing the highest torque than any other motor. Also, the mileage listed in the table is an ARAI-certified range, which makes it distinctive. This electric scooter takes roughly 5 hours and 30 minutes to charge. Tubeless tires are placed on 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels.



The booking amount on its website is 499 rupees which will be included in the total cost of the scooter after purchase. The ex-showroom price for BGauss D15 i is 1.05 lakh and for BGauss D15 pro is 1.18 lakhs.


Also, this electric scooter has three-speed modes, which correlate to the gears in non-electric vehicles. Eco mode, Sports mode, and Reverse mode are the names of those three modes.


Moreover, it comes with several exceptional features like regenerative braking, a side stand sensor, a rollover sensor, a combined braking system, Bluetooth connectivity, a digital speedometer, and an anti-theft alarm.


In our opinion, it won’t be a smart investment decision for you to purchase this scooter, so take your time and compare it to other scooters available on the market. When compared to the features and qualities it offers, the price of this electric scooter is excessive. You can absolutely find a better electric scooter for a much lower price.

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