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BGauss A2 Electric Scooter 

BGauss A2 is an electric low-speed two-wheeler scooter that was recently introduced by BGauss. The company launched this as a market alternative to the typical gas-powered scooters in order to improve the environment and promote sustainable growth.

You will get a detailed overview of the electric scooter in this article, along with guidance on whether you should purchase it or not.

Looks and Designs


Bgauss A2 electric scooter has a sassy look and a unique body design. Also, it has a pretty stylish cluster with a digital dashboard that is designed to display all of the information on an LED screen.

It has a well-designed seat handle that will improve the driver’s comfort. This electric scooter weighs 95.5 kg. Some other unique features of its designs are:

  • Paint – It is painted with a longer-lasting UV-protected paint that helps in keeping the color and texture of the electric scooter protected from the sun for a very long time.
  • LED Lights – Moreover, it comes with designer LED lights on the Headlights, taillights, and DRL.
  • Boot space – It has a 20-liter boot space with an ergonomically placed MCB that helps in the safety of the scooter’s battery.

Color Options 


Bgauss A2 electric scooter comes in three color variants, named as:

  1. Caspian Blue
  2. Glacier Ice
  3. Super White



The booking price of the Bgauss A2 electric scooter on its website is 499 rupees and the ex-showroom price is 76,199 rupees. The booking price will be deducted from the final cost after purchase.


Mileage75 km/charge
Battery57.6v Li-ion, 1.2 kw
Top speed25 km/h
Motor power250 w
BrakesFront and rear – Disc
Warranty3 years


This electric scooter uses a BLDC hub motor, which has an IP 67 rating for water resistance and is also dust resistant too. This electric scooter’s battery is made of lithium-ion and is detachable and portable, so you can take it out, charge it somewhere, and then put it back in the scooter.

Additionally, the electric scooter has 10-inch alloy wheels with tubeless tyres. Furthermore, it has hydraulic rear spring-loaded suspension and telescopic front suspension.


Plus, it has 3-speed modes that were designed to meet the rider’s needs and convenience. Besides this, it has a reverse mode with a 2 km/h top speed. This electric scooter takes time between 2:30 and 4:30 hours to charge fully.


Bgauss A2 electric scooter’s 7-degree gradability allows the rider to gently relax on an incline or slope. This electric scooter has also a number of other features, including a USB port, temperature control, a side stand sensor, and 120 mm water wading. It can also carry 130 kg of weight.


Also, it offers a number of safety and security features, including:

  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Anti-theft motor locking
  • Find your scooter feature
  • Keyless lock or unlock
  • Overcharging protection
  • Over current protection


Although this electric scooter has a number of excellent features and characteristics, in our opinion, the price is still excessive. If you are an inexperienced driver, getting this electric scooter will undoubtedly help you gain some experience. Also, as it is a low-speed two-wheeler, this electric scooter can be driven without a license.

The bottom line is that if you have enough money and wish to drive a scooter around town or for short distances, you should get this one. However, traveling long distances and on highways in a low-speed electric scooter is still not recommended.

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