The enthusiasm for electric vehicles is growing rapidly, whether it is investors eager to contribute to the reduction of pollution or investors betting on the electric vehicle theme in the stock market for a long time.

Today we will be discussing the best Pure EV Electric Scooters and before that let has some words about PURE EV.

A PURE EV Company born out of Innovation at IIT Hyderabad, a renowned engineering institute, whose founders from the same IIT are committed to driving the future of E – mobility. They design and manufacture EVs and Lithium Batteries.

The company came into life back in 2019 and since then has been successful at delivering Electric Scooters to the mass public.

Best Pure EV Electric Scooters in India

The company currently offers four electric scooters in the market which are EPLUTO 7G, ETRANCE NEO, ETRANCE, and ETRON+ with different prices and ranges.

Given below are the various range of Electric Scooters in which the company provides the best services to its customer base.

E PLUTO Electric scooter

E PLUTO Electric Scooter Price In India

Price Rs. 71,999 (ex-showroom)

The E Pluto model comes with a top speed of 25 KMPH along with an impressive 85 km range which helps the rider to cover sufficient distance without thinking to recharge again in this range.

E PLUTO Range and Top Features 

The 1.8 KWH Portable battery provides a good battery back up to the engine and the 7 Degree Gradeability (The term grade ability refers to when the driver should be relaxed while the vehicle moves on slop or inclination. It is known as the grade angle that the electric vehicle can move with a constant speed) helps the rider to relax in case, it’s a slope or inclination by moving at a constant speed.

It comes with an external charging port so that the riders do not have to stand while the scooter is charging. The headlamp torches LED Light and ladies footrest/stand for the foot is also provided.

The special feature of the scooter is that it offers an Anti-theft smart lock to protect your scooter when the owner is not around. 5 Year’s Extended warranty on the battery. This model is available in 6 different colors.

The price of the scooter is Rs. 71,999.

E PLUTO Specifications

Range85 KM
Top Speed 25 Kmph
Battery60V 1800 Wh Portable

 E PLUTO 7G Electric Scooter

 E PLUTO 7G Price in India

Price Rs. 83,999 (ex-showroom)

Best Pure EV E PLUTO 7G  Range, Top Speed   

E Pluto 7G is the latest from the PLUTO series launched in February 2020 with the following features, The latest PLUTO 7G comes with an upgraded speed from 25 KMPH in the older version to a Top Speed of 60 KMPH thus providing customers a better experience and a battery warranty for 40,000 KM.

The range of the scooter is 90 to 120 KM which shows the distance it can cover in one full charge.

The 2.5 KWH Patented Battery Design does a good job in providing a better battery back-up and 12 Degree Gradeability helps the rider to have a smoother experience at the time of inclination, both are upgraded features from the older model.

This model also comes with an LED headlamp, long-range, ladies footrest/stand for foot, and the anti-theft smart lock as its forte.

5 Year’s Extended warranty on the battery. This model is available in 6 different colors.

The ex-showroom price of the scooter is Rs. 83,999 (Ex-Showroom Price).

E PLUTO 7G Specifications

Top Speed  60 KMPH
Battery 60V 2.5 KWh Portable
Range90 to 120 KM

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Electric Scooter Batteries last?

Electric scooter batteries will last between 2 to 4 years and between 10000 to 25000 km depending on storage, use conditions, and battery capacity. If you use your scooter more or store it improperly, the battery life will be shorter.

How many times do you Charge an Electric Scooter Battery?

Electric scooters can go through between 100 to 150 charging cycles before starting to lose battery capacity. The highest-quality, brand-name cells may last upwards of 400 charging cycles.

How can you maximize Electric Scooter Battery Life?

You can prolong battery life by storing the scooter charged to 50%, charging it with a C-rate below 1, and not operating the scooter when it is too cold (below 32 F°) or too hot (above 114 F°).
When storing for prolonged periods, make sure to top the batteries periodically. When storing for very long periods, make sure to charge them periodically so they are not being stored completely discharged.

Can you replace electric scooter batteries? Is it Worth the Cost?

Yes! you can replace the battery in your electric scooter, though it may not be cost-effective. Batteries are one of the costly components of the electric scooter.
For common scooters, there are many video tutorials online on the replacement procedure. It’s not that difficult if you are mechanically inclined, but the novice may find it difficult.


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