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Benling Aura Li Electric Scooter 

Benling Aura LI is a made-in-India electric scooter manufactured in Manesar, Haryana. It is one of the most demanding EVs in the market due to its looks, features, effective maintenance, robust durability, and most importantly, the fact that its motor is made by Benling itself.


Aura LI is an electric scooter made by Benling India, which has been in business for almost 25 years. To verify the feature and other details claimed by Benling India, our team of experts visited the showroom and cross-checked each and every detail claimed by Benling.To see this detailed explanation video visit our youtube channel –

In this article, We will brief you on Aura LI specifications, its compatibility and price, and its availability across the country.

Motor Capacity

This Electric scooter has a powerful Water resistance BLDC Hub motor of 3.2 kW power placed on its rear wheel.

Battery and Charger


Aura Li has a Detachable 2.88 kWh lithium-ion battery / Nickel cobalt manganese (LFP/NCM) placed under seats covering more than 80% of boot space.


IP67-certified waterproof and AIS 156-rated fireproof certified with heat resistance of about 50 to 60 degrees.

With MCB Kill Switch features you can use to protect the battery from unnecessary use.

The power capacity of the charger is 72V 10ah.

Brakes and Suspension

In the front, it has disc brakes, and in the rear, it has both disc and drum brakes. Front and back/rear both have Dual telescopic suspension.



Range, Top Speed, and Riding Modes 

The Aura has four different Riding modes. Each Mode has its own maximum range and top speed.

  • In Eco mode, the range is 120+ kilometers on a single charge with a top speed of 30 km/ph.
  • In normal mode, the range is approximately 100 to 120 kilometers and the top speed is 40 km/ph.
  • Sports mode has a range of approximately 80 to 90 kilometers on a single charge and a top speed of 60 to 65 km/ph.
  • Turbo mode has a range of approximately 65 to 75 km on a single charge and a top speed of 75 km/ph.

Safety Feature


Aura Li has some important safety features-

  • Anti-Theft Feature: This vehicle has remote lock and unlocks features, and once you lock the vehicle with the remote unless the remote unlocks it, the vehicle will not move, and there will be a warning sound that will buzz if someone tries to move your vehicle from its place.
  • Smart Assistance: This feature will help you reach the nearest service station during times of some internal electrical damage. But there are still a few conditions under which these features will work. You can see that in the video on our YouTube channel, there has been a detailed explanation of them.
  • Parking Assistance: Whenever you turn on your vehicle, there will be parking mode by default as a safety feature so that sudden acceleration without any control of the rider’s vehicle doesn’t cause disbalance or an accident.
  • MCB Kill Switch: This is the default feature available in most two-wheeler electric vehicles. You can turn it off when your vehicle is not in use, but you need to be careful as if this feature is off, then anti-theft won’t work.



Benling Aura Li comes with a price tag of 1.18 lakhs/- across the country. The ex-showroom price of Benling Aura Li is Rs. 1.10 lakh/- across the country. Due to taxes, prices may differ from one state to another.

Seating and Loading Capacity

As the normal two-wheeler capacity allows, two people can easily ride in this vehicle. with a loading capacity of 250 to 300 kg. Riders can also store gas cylinders in the leg area.

USB Connector


There is a USB connector in the Rider Leg area, and there are 5 liters of cabinet space where you can keep your phone safely connected to the USB port.



  • Standard Colors -: Red, White, Black, Grey
  • Premium Colors-: Matt black, Matt plum purple, and glossy blue.

Charging Cost

The charging cost will be around 0.05 to 0.10 rupees per kilometer, depending on the city and state in which you are using the charging facility.


  • Body Gaurd
  • Back Rest
  • Seat cover
  • Helmet and
  • FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic or Polymer side stand)



Motor Power3.2 kW
Motor TypeBLDC Hub motor
Motor placedRear wheel
Water Proof motorYes
Front brakeDisc
Rear brakeDisc/Drum
Dual brake SystemYes
Battery Power2.88 kWh
Batter typelithium-ion battery / Nickel cobalt manganese (LFP/NCM)
Battery Warranty3 yrs or 50,000 km
Battery waterproofYes IP67 certified
Battery FireproofYes AIS 156 rated
Heat resistance of the battery50 to 60 degrees. approx 2 to 3 mins
Swappable batteryYes
Accelaration 0-40 Kmph5.2sec
Top Speed75 Kmph
Wheel Size10″
Range120 km on a single charge in eco mode
Remote start and stopYes
Push button startYes
Anti-thief alarmYes
USB chargerYes
Controller72 V Smart Controller
Regenerative Braking SystemYes
Seating capacityTwo People
Fast chargerYes
Gradability18 degree
Load Carrying Capacity300 kgs approx
Lights (Headlamp, tail, and indicators)LED
Suspension Front and rearTelescopic suspension
Wheels TypeAlloy
Tubeless TireYes
Charging Time4hrs to 5hrs depending upon the electricity output.
Gear modeEco, Normal, Sports, and turbo mode
Premium colorsMatt black, Matt plum purple, and glossy blue.
Normal colorsGrey, white, Red, and Black
Smart breakdown assistanceYes
Parking AssistanceYes
MCB SwitchYes
Under-seat SpaceOccupied by battery and charger
Charger power72v 10Ah
On road PriceRs.1,18,000 approx across the country



The people who want an EV with a range of around 100 km on a single charge, a price of around Rs. 1 lakh, availability in a wide range of colors, boot space at the leg area, anti-theft, and various safety features are searching for this electric vehicle.

Because of the low maintenance and service availability across the country, anyone can effectively take advantage of its benefits. And for more updates and the proper, detailed video you needed on Aura Li, then click on the link below-

Video Review



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