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Avon E-Cargo Electric Rickshaw

“E-world of Avon” introduced the E-cargo, a three-wheeled electric rickshaw built to transport goods. Because of its carrying capacity and lower cost, the electric rickshaw reached its users in an impressive volume.

This electric rickshaw should not be confused with a passenger electric rickshaw because it is not designed to carry or move passengers in any way; rather, as its name indicates, it was only designed to load and transport cargo.

When compared to conventional gas-powered cargo vehicles, electric cargo rickshaws have the advantage of almost no maintenance costs and offer longevity in addition to financial savings.

Its payload capacity and incredibly powerful motor are qualities that set it apart from other electric rickshaws. Although it’s low-speed electric rickshaws, the company does not compromise on those features.

In this article, we will review Avon E-cargo electric rickshaw and suggest whether it will be a worthwhile investment or not.

Looks and Design

The driver’s cabin and the loading area make up the majority of the parts of the E-cargo. Let’s look into these two sections in more detail:

  • The driver’s cabin – In contrast to other cargo electric rickshaws, the driver’s seat in the driver’s cabin can fit two persons at once.

Additionally, this electric rickshaw has a curved, premium windscreen that gives it a very slick and trendy appearance.

  • Loader – The loading section of the E-cargo electric rickshaw has a conventional gas-powered truck-type look but it is different from that in every aspect.

The back door of the loader section allows access to the cargo and is accompanied by a high-quality handle lock for security. The loader section is closed from the top.

Moreover, the E-cargo electric rickshaw’s heavy-duty chassis and entire body are made of high-quality materials, so you won’t have to compromise on the rickshaw’s strength and safety.


The price of the E-cargo electric rickshaw by E-world of Avon is around 2 lakhs. To find out the exact cost of this electric rickshaw, you should get in touch with the authorized E-world of Avon dealers.

There is never complete assurance on the price of the electric rickshaw because on-road prices vary depending on several factors, including taxes, insurance, and a variety of other things.


Top speed24 km/h
Battery12v 110Ah
Motor power900 w
SuspensionTelescopic on front
Warranty1 year on battery

Although the E-cargo electric rickshaw has fewer specifications than other electric rickshaws, the features it does offer are excellent, remarkable, and perfectly suited for the electric rickshaw.

Additionally, it has telescopic suspensions on the front that help to maintain passenger and driver comfort while traveling on rough roads. likewise, this electric rickshaw has a powerful 900 W motor that boosts speed to the ideal level.

As the battery is the most crucial component of an electric rickshaw, its lead acid also comes with a one-year warranty.


We advise that this would be the best choice for you if you want a powerful and durable cargo electric rickshaw for your daily transportation needs in your business. In addition, the specifications it provides are outstanding and guarantee the longevity of the electric scooter.

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