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Ather Grid 2.0:-  Fast-charging Solutions

  • Ather Grid 2.0 installation has begun in Bangalore and Chennai
  • New Ather Grid 2.0 will support Over-the-Air updates
  • Aims to install 500 Ather Grid locations by the end of FY22

Ather Energy has launched its next generation of public EV fast-charging infrastructure. Named Ather Grid, this new fast-charging infrastructure builds on the current generation of Ather Grid with enhanced features to support future scale and fast-charging capabilities.

 Cities to be Installed?

The installation of the new Ather Grid has started in Bangalore and Chennai. The company said in its press statement that the 500 Ather Grid of the new fast-charging infrastructure will soon be available in various cities in India.

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The Bangalore-based manufacturer said that the Ather Grid will support future fast-charging capability and Company Aims to install 500 Ather Grid locations by the end of FY22. It further added that Ather Grid will support over-the-air updates, allowing Ather Energy to roll out new features and bug fixes across all systems.


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