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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/ashneer-grover-to-invest-in-blu-smart-mobility-says-future-is-electric/Ashneer Grover, Managing Director, and Co-Founder at BharatPe is one of the most prominent investors and entrepreneurs in India.

Most recently, he was also part of the judge’s bench at Shark Tank India, a television show that provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their ideas and secure funding for their startups.

Ashneer Grover on Blue Smart Mobility

Blue Smart Mobility is an India-based EV ride-hailing startup co-founded by Puneet Singh Jaggi, Puneet Goyal, and Anmol Singh Jaggi in the month of January 2019.

Blue Smart Mobility is an electric ride-hailing service currently operational in Gurugram and South Delhi and has partnered with JioBP to set up EV charging infrastructure across the country.

On 25 February 2022, Ashneer shared a post on LinkedIn mentioning his enthusiasm to invest in Blue Smart Mobility. The post is as follows:

“ If ‘future is electric’ then-future of ride-hailing has to be ‘Blu Smart Mobility’. Super excited to invest with Punit K Goyal and Anmol Jaggi. At $100/bbl crude and ₹4.5/unit electricity price – it’s clear who will make money every ride! Love real logical dhanda !! BluSmart 

#ashneergrover #sharktankindiahttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/ashneer-grover-to-invest-in-blu-smart-mobility-says-future-is-electric/

According to Ashneer, the future of ride-hailing or ride-sharing services is also electric. Currently, some of the major ride-sharing services in India are Ola and Uber.

Blue Smart Mobility is actively developing this electric ride-sharing segment (which is a new and big step towards climate change) which makes Ashneer very excited to invest in the company. With crude oil price above $100/bbl and electricity at Rs 4.5/unit, Ashneer calls it a “Logical Dhanda” (business).

No one is unaware of the success of ride-sharing services like Ola and Uber. These apps have become a part of daily public transport and have changed the way we travel the world. With the transition to electric in the future, these ride-hailing services will also adopt electric vehicles, thereby reducing carbon emissions and making Electric the future of ride-hailing services.


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