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  • This device helps to extend battery range by up to 20% in any electric Four Wheeler, designed and developed by Jaipur- Based Electronics Engineer.

The “Aha NexCruise” (device name), a plug-and-play device, takes away the pain of driving and maximizes the range of an electric vehicle when going on long drives without a fast charger.

“Aha Nexcruise” is a cruise control and power management system designed and developed by Jaipur-based Akash (an Electronics Engineer) to maximize the range of an EV while traveling long distances on routes without fast chargers.

The AHA NexCruise brings cruise control and other features to electric vehicles and enables confident driving for long distances without a fast charger.

But where can we install it in our EV?

Typically, the accelerator pedal is connected directly to the vehicle’s vehicle control unit (VCU) using a detachable connector. Users can insert this device between the accelerator pedal and the VCU.

The equipment comes with features i.e. cruise control, coast mode, eco, and deep eco mode, offered by this device through this simple method. At the moment, it is only for four-wheeler EVs, but it can be developed for two-wheelers on the same principle.

“Aha Nexcruise” Features

| Cruise control

With cruise control, the car maintains a speed that you choose automatically, without you having to constantly press the pedals. During cruise control, if you accelerate the car manually, it returns to the original cruising speed after you release the accelerator pedal.

NexCruise ensures a completely constant speed while cruising so that energy consumption is minimal and completely predictable.

| Cruise resume

The Cruise Resume feature automatically speeds the electric car up to the last-used cruising speed, without you needing to manually drive the car back to the required speed.

| Cruising speed adjustment

During cruising, you can adjust and refine your cruising speed using the dial. In the real world, this translates to unparalleled convenience, and you’ll find yourself driving the car with ease using just the dial!

| Coast mode

Coast Mode turns off regenerative braking, so you don’t lose your car’s speed, and have to brake when you don’t want to. Instead, you can use the speed to cover more miles with the least amount of energy and enjoy a greater range of your car!

| Eco and Deep Eco Mode

Gain complete control over your car’s energy consumption with Eco and Deep-Eco modes, and get unparalleled range-assurance for those long trips on unknown roads. Or simply enjoy savings of up to 10% per charge, get the better life of your car battery, and see NexCruise pay for yourself in no time!

| Speed governor

Configure the maximum allowed speed according to the rules of your city, and rest assured that you will never have to pay for a speeding ticket again!

| Connected systems for OTA updates

Over-the-air updates ensure that your system always has the latest features, and your one-time investment keeps you constantly innovating.

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Aha NexCruise Control Price

Price in india 30,668.20 (Including GST)

The company is selling the Aha NexCruise control device in India for ₹ 30,668.20 (inclusive of GST), the device can be ordered from the official website of the companies.

Here is what Aakash explained about the devices  “This device lets them predict the same by providing simple modes which ensure what range is needed? For example, if a user must cover more than 300 km on a single charge, they can engage the ‘Deep Eco’ mode of the device. This mode restricts the power consumed by the car, and in return, gives the user full confidence that they will be able to cover the needed distance. Likewise, the cruise control feature gives the user assurance that if they use a set cruising speed, they will get a range corresponding to that speed. For example, if the user drives with cruise control at 70kmph, the car will deliver a range of 270 km or more. For cruising at 80kmph, the user always gets a range of around 240 km,”

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