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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-buying-an-electric-car/By 2030, India is aspiring to reach the vision of 100% use of electric vehicles to lessen environmental pollution as well as to bring in use modern science and technology for the benefit of humans.

If we talk of the uses of electric vehicles, the first invention or say the most heard invention of recent times is the electric mopeds and electric cars. Electric mopeds are less in discussion as compared to electric cars. Electric cars have taken up the new era of ICE Cars. Here are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Electric Car.

Each Technology comes with some advantages and disadvantages. so let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying an electric car in India.

Advantages of Buying an Electric Car in India

Smooth and Noiseless Driving

As we all know that in a normal fuel car, the petrol engine has some rotating parts in it. In order to produce the power they constantly keep rotating and grinding and hitting each other which eventually results in producing noise.

In the electric car, they have fewer moving parts inside the engine, they only have an electric motor that hardly makes noise or says nil. The only sound that could be heard from this will be the slow and almost silent whine.

So, it results in smooth driving as well as less noise which is a good thing for reducing noise pollution in India.

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Easy Driving Operation

With the new invention in electric cars, they have also invented less and easier driving operation than normal car operation. Many touch screen operations are included and wireless connections are also included. They also introduced regenerative braking. Also, we can operate the car with just an accelerator, brake pedal, and steering wheel.

The dashboard of the Electric car looks so pleasing with the compact yet easy driving operation. Smooth and effective operation is a supporter of new electric cars.

Less Pollution and Zero-emission of Gas

Talking about pollution, the contribution of diesel and petrol cars in the country’s pollution is about 75 per cent. In petrol cars, Power is generated by burning the fuel and its by-products such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. And these gases cause great harm to the people around as well as to the human population. The amount of these pollutants in diesel cars is much higher means, more pollution. 

Electric cars, on the other hand, work on electric motors, which are charged by batteries, so the fuel does not burn and therefore does not emit toxic gases into our environment. So they have been proven to operate on zero-emissions of gases and run 100% on clean energy. and this is the biggest advantage of having an electric car. 

Safer to Drive

Since electric cars are designed with the centre of gravity in mind, they are less likely to hit the road. And unlike normal fuel cars, even the steering wheel of electric cars has airbags so that they come out in case of an accident and the battery power is also cut. Electric cars have been tested many times to prove a safe driving experience.

Lower Maintenance Cost

We all know that for the proper and smooth operation of the vehicle in fuel cars it is necessary to maintain the car engine from time to time. Engines need to be oiled and repaired if there are any deformations. And the maintenance cost is very high.

This is a big advantage in electric cars, as we all know there are no engines only electric motors so there is very little chance of maintenance which ends in low maintenance cost.

Compact Batteries

Fuel cars have large engines that take up space at the front of the vehicle. Electric cars, on the other hand, have a compact sized battery that takes up less space but runs more efficiently than a fuel car.

Disadvantages of Buying an Electric Car in India

Cost of the E-Vehicle

In a developing country like India, where people suffer for their daily income it gets difficult at times to accept new technology and start working with it. Electric cars may be affordable for a few people. For the middle class, the cost of the vehicle might be a questioning issue. Not everyone can afford to buy it.

Certainly, the time will come when every middle-class person will be able to buy an electric vehicle. the government has announced subsidized on electric vehicles to promote and to buy EVs at an affordable price.


Recharge time and Recharge Stations

Since electric cars run on batteries, they have to be recharged frequently. The longer it takes to drive the vehicle, the more time it will obviously take to recharge. Compared to fuel cars we just need to refill it and it was not time-consuming but it takes time to recharge the battery.

Also, we had petrol pumps/stations scattered at every distance but as we all know that the percentage of barren lands in India is now reducing so there will be hardly any place to construct a power station for electric vehicles.

And if made they will be at a very huge distance to cooperate with. So it will definitely become an issue to find a recharge station near you.

Less Model Option

Since car manufacturers have been trying to invent the electric car for many years, they haven’t made many such models. So finding multiple models in an electric car becomes irrelevant. If it turns out to be a huge success, then only I think we will be able to see a wider range of models, until then there are very few models.


So in conclusion, advantages and disadvantages of electric cars, are a great option to reduce environmental pollution but it has some disadvantages too. We know that nothing is 100 % perfect or at a satisfactory level.

Ignoring the issues, it cannot be denied that electric cars are much better than fuel cars. As we all see that technology is getting better every day so all the issues would be resolved within time. But soon we all will gradually move towards modern science and technology and yes it is a great invention which will take few years to be used.

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