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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/5-best-upcoming-electric-bikes-in-india/The trend of electric bikes is increasing rapidly in India. And the Indian electric bikes market was valued at USD 1.02 million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 2.08 million by 2026. And this is the right time to go with the flow and buy the best electric bikes in India. We have mentioned the top 5 best upcoming electric bikes in India along with price, launch date, features, and highlights.

Top 5 Best Upcoming Electric Bikes in India 

Here is the list of Best Upcoming Electric Bikes with Price Details 

Electric Bikes In India Price in India 
Hero Electric AE-47 E-BikeRs 1.3-1.5 lakh
Emflux One5.50 Lakhs
Orxa MantisRs 3-4 lakh
EeVe TesoroRs 1.2 Lakh
PureEV ETRYST 350 ‘Sport’ BikeRs 1.15 lakh

Hero Electric AE-47 E-Bike


Price in IndiaLaunch Date
Rs 1.3-1.5 lakhNovember 2021

Key Specifications                                                

  • Battery capacity 3.5 kWh
  • 0-60kmph in 9 second
  • Battery range 160 KM
  • Top speed 85 Kmph

Hero Electric AE-47 Feature and Highlights 

Hero Electric is all set to launch its new electric bike AE-47 in India in November 2021 at Rs 1.3-1.5 lakh. The design of the bike is similar to a sportbike and it has been given a telescopic and mono-shock suspension.

Both the AE-47 tires are equipped with disc brakes. The rear wheel of the AE-47 is powered by a 4kW hub motor that can reach a top speed of 85 km. And it completes the speed of 0-60 kmph in just 9 seconds.

Hero’s Upcoming Electric Bike AE-47 is powered by a 3.5 kWh removable battery that offers a maximum range of up to 160 KM. Along with this, we get a fancy full-digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity in the AE-47. And in this, we have full-LED lighting. It also includes a USB charger, walks and reverse assist, cruise control, geofencing, GPS, and support for SIM cards.

Emflux One


Price in IndiaLaunch Date
5.50 LakhsJul 2021

Key Specifications 

  • 200 Kmph Top speed
  • 0-100 in just 3 second
  • Maximum battery range 200 KM

Emflux One Feature and Highlights 

Emflux Motors is a Bengaluru-based electric bike startup started in 2016, India’s first superbike manufacturer. The Emflux One is a super motorcycle with all-electric performance. The company claims that it can achieve 0-100 kmph in just 3 seconds. And it can go up to a top speed of 200 kmph.

The rear wheel of the Emflux One gets power from a liquid-cooled AC induction motor that runs on Samsung’s lithium-ion battery. This electric motor generates peak power of 72ps and torque of 84Nm.

The Company says that the battery has a range of 200 km and recharges from 0-80% in just half an hour.

Emflux One packs a slew of tech-savvy features like a GPS navigation system, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and real-time vehicle diagnostics with a 6.8-inch TFT screen. The bike also offers a mobile app for remote customization and bike-to-bike connectivity.

Orxa Mantis


 Price in IndiaLaunch Date
Rs 3-4 lakhMid 2021

Key Specifications 

  • six batteries total output 9 kWh
  • 140 kmph top speed
  • Acceleration 0-100 kmph in just 8 seconds
  • 41 mm telescopic forks in the front suspension
  • mono-shock rear suspension

Orxa Mantis Feature and Highlights 

Orxa Electric Bike Company is a Bangalore-based company. Orxa showcased the high-end electric motorcycle Orxa Mantis in 2019. Mantis has six battery packs with a total output of 9 kWh and this battery is swappable and gets fully charged in 3-4 hours.

The Upcoming Electric bike is powered by a high-performance electric motor that can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just 8 seconds. Also, it can go up to a top speed of 140 kmph.

The Mantis gets premium specs for its price range like high-performance tires, aero aluminum alloy wheels, 41mm telescopic forks up front, and mono-shock rear suspension.

EeVe Tesoro


Price In IndiaLaunch Date
Rs 1.2 LakhAugust 2021

Key Specifications

  • Driving Range120 km/charge
  • Max Speed 100 kmph
  • Motor Type BLDC
  • Battery Charging Time 3 – 4 Hours

EeVe Tesoro Feature and Highlights 

EeVe is an Odisha-based electric bike company that has showcased the electric bike Tesoro at the 2020 Auto Expo.

This Tesoro is Expected to be launched in June 2021. The bike gets two swappable batteries which give a driving range of 120 kmph on a single charge and can go up to a maximum speed of 100 kmph.

Apart from this, the EV Tesoro also supports DC fast charging, features disc-brake technology, a digital instrument cluster, LED lights, GPS, geo-fencing, anti-theft, and more.

PureEV ETRYST 350 ‘Sport’ Bike


Price in IndiaLaunch Date
Rs 1.15 lakhAugust 15, 2021

Key Specifications

  • Battery range of 120 km on a single charge
  • Battery capacity 3.5 kWh in-house developed battery
  • top speed on the ETryst 350 will be 85 kmph

Pure EV ETRYST 350 Feature and Highlights 

Last year, IIT Hyderabad-based startup PureEnergy (PureEV) showcased its new electric bike, the etryst 350. The Etryst 350 is powered by a 3.5 kWh lithium-ion battery that offers a range of 120 km.

The company claims that its powerful motor goes up to a top speed of 85 kmph. PureEV plans to have 50 demo units for test drives by March. The Etryst 350 will be launched in the Indian market around August 2021.

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