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Ola Electric To Install 4000+ Hypercharger Point by 2022- Ola Electric CEO- Bhavish Aggarwal Twitted.

“Hypercharger rollout has begun across cities. At key BPCL pumps as well as residential complexes. 4000+ points up through next year.

We’re installing across India and will make them operational in 6-8 weeks. Will be free for use till the end of June 22 for all customers.” –Bhavish Aggarwal.

Ola Electric had earlier announced to set up over 1 lakh fast charging points under its Hypercharger network in 400 cities in India.

The Hypercharger network will provide a range of 75 km with 18 minutes of charging. This is much faster than the charging time of the 750W Portable Charge.


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